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Converted/Reverted Muslims

Although in the beginning of 21st century only around 14% out of 1.5 billion Muslims are Arabic speaking around the world, which is clear a proof that Islaam is one of the fastest growing religion in the world. Here I would like to mention just few hundreds selected from the past 100 years.

Please watch the videos and see how great is Islaam everyday and there are many people embracing Islaam. It is absolutely the highest growing religion in the world. Please share this message with your friends, Muslims & Non-Muslims. It took us a lot of efforts to collect these links for you. I would like you to see the others, why they accepted the ISLAAM.

Very special thanks for website: . May Allah bless their efforts. AMEEN.

Below are the links for New Muslims:

New Muslim From Hindu to Islam at the Residence of Mohammed Aqil Jeddah

ابرز مشاهير العلم الذين اسلموا 1- Famous people who converted to Islaam

2- More Christians Convert To ISLAAM in France

3- Mike Tyson interview about Islaam Muslim

4- Joseph Cohen aka Yusuf Khattab - a jew converted to Islaam_من اليهودية الى الاسلام

5- Science student find peace and Logic in Islaam. Steven Byers_ New Muslim Video Convert

6-Japanese Muslims – JAPAN

7-15 Hindu People Converted to Islaam in Mumbai (Bombay) – India

8-Hindu girl broke her God by hammer and converted to Islaam!

9-Message From a Girl, A Girl Journey to Happiness


11-Aminah_s Story. A Revert Sister from England and her family

12-Youngest Muslim Reverts in The World. Children in England

13-Yusuf Islaam Interview

14-The reality of Happiness - Sheikh Jamel Ben Ameur

15-مسلمو اقليم سيبيريا الروسي Muslims in Siberia, Russia

16-Orwah converted on Alrahma TV المهتدي عروة في لقاء مع قناة

17-A British Christian Converts to Islaam

18-عمدة مدينة مايكن فى ولاية جورجيا الامريكية يعلن اسلامه An American mayor who embraced Islaam

19-My Trip to Islaam

20-Buddhist becomes Muslim بوذية تصير مسلم

21-IslaamBradford | Brother John McGhie accepts Islaam as his way

22-Brother Steven`s Shahadah to Islaam

23-A young German convert to Islaam

24-new Muslim story

25-مسيحية عربية تدخل الاسلام من عائله قساوسه 1-2

26- مسيحية عربية تدخل الاسلام من عائله قساوسه 2-2

27- Hadith Qudsi (in German) - hadith qudsi

28-Huda TV - New Shahada!

29-Autre Regrard sur la Islaam - Story of Islaam the French Director Christian Bel

30-A Czech scientist reverts to Islaam

31-converted to Islaam from Australia

- part1:

- part2:

32-Our way to Islaam - Muslims in Australia

33-German Lady Joins The Muslim Family ... Live Shahada!

34-Many German Women Turning To ISLAAM ... Live!

35-Irish German Italian and loving Islaam JR Farrell tells why

36-Romanian and loving Islaam


38-بكاء نصرانى وهو ينطق الشهاده: مقطع مؤثر جدا – convert, a x Christian were crying when he was saying Shad'a.
39-مليون وثمانمئة ألف قبطي تركوا المسيحية وأشهروا إسلامهم The Coptic Church- 1,8 Million Christians embraced Islaam
40-Sister Amy University Student Accepts Islaam

41-French Sister

42-بريطاني (13 سنة) يعلن إسلامه - 13 Years old convert

43-convert to Islaam -in chicago airport - Shykh Mohammed Hassan tells the story in Arabic

44-قصة اسلام مؤثرة جدا New Muslims convert

45-Reverts to Islaam from around the World 

Part 1/2

Part 2/2

46-Priests and Preachers enter Islaam

47-Sikes, ex-preacher of Christianity, how I came to Islaam 


47-Finnish Science Researcher Converts To ISLAAM in Dubai

48-converted from CHRISTIANITY to ISLAAM ... see why?

49-American teen reverted to Islaam

50-White Woman From Texas becomes a Muslim

51-American girl from Oklahoma converts to Islaam

52-Laura Jewish American Lady Converted To ISLAAM

53-Jews and Christians Convert to Islaam

54-why Latinos American accept Islaam

55-why Latinos American accept Islaam?

56-american accepts Islaam with Br. Yusuf Estes

57-Malaysian Chinese Millionnaire convert to Islaam

58-Interview with Scott - the 13 year old- new revert to Islaam


60-Jewish British Dude Converts to Islaam

61-Amazing Convert Story 

(part 1 of 2)

(part 2 of 2)

62-From Atheism to Belief: A Journey to Islaam in North America by Dr. Jeffrey Lang (Part 1/17)

63-Christian Catholic Becoming Muslim فتاة أمريكية تنطق الشهادة

64-An African American becoming Muslim رجل أمريكي ينطق الشهادة

65-Seventh Day Adventist Basma reverts to Islaam

66-Amber sends her parents an email that she became a Muslim!

67-Maraculus Islaam Story of Alicia قصة إسلام أليشا المعجزية

68-Few hrs after Veronica became Muslim ساعات قليلة فيرونيكا

69-British Judge Embraces Islaam

70-Christian ex-evangelist Embraces Islaam for some reason...?

71-Evangelist Christian Embraces Islaam




75-German Islaam after suffering from nightmares frightening!!

76-How many Muslims are in United States


78-Tanya- Christian turn Muslim describes her journey to Peace

79-Story of an EX Muslim hater who converts to Islaam. She cried in Paltalk

80-Christian professor Converted to ISLAAM

81-CNN News 1.5 Million Americans converted to ISLAAM in USA

82-Rachel Became Muslim

83-Thousands of Danish convert to Islaam

84-Danish Sister Louise Converts to Islaam #7 

part 1 of 3:

part 2 of 3:

part 3 of 3:

85- "Suddenly I knew this is the Truth" German convert to Islaam:

86- Dr. Webber from England converts to ISLAAM

87- "JUST THE QUR'AN, this is what convinced me!"- ISLAAM CONVERT:

88- Why do They accept the Islaam? Convert to Islaam

89- MuslimReverts On Youtube Series: Sis. KiwiMuslimNZ

90- MuslimReverts On Youtube Series - Sister StAischaa

91- MuslimReverts On Youtube Series - Sister Lmartella

92- British Lady Carolyne decided to become Muslim

93- British Revert Sis. Jan talks about being a Muslim in the UK

94- European girl telling how she converted to ISLAAM.

95- 5 people accept Islaam in one day at a German Mosque

96- Seven Germans accept Islaam .. Live-2008 - English subtitles

97- "Nightmares stopped after reading Quran" CONVERT TO ISLAAM

98- A 75 Year Old American Lady Reverted to Islaam 


99- German Doctor and his wife converted to ISLAAM

100- FOLLOW YOUR HEART AND DECIDE... - German convert to ISLAAM

101- "JESUS was like a bridge" German convert to ISLAAM

102- a Canadian boy convert finds peace and logic in Islaam

103- Madelin from Canada converted to ISLAAM

104- William Chappelle and 25 members of his family embrace Islaam

105- 5 Minutes, for non-Muslims



108- The Quran-verses that made me Revert to Islaam

109- British Man Accepts Islaam. MUST SEE!

110- Famous Muslims Converts-- You will not believe your eyes

111- new American Muslims

112- White Male and Female Americans convert to Islaam

113- British kids Converted to Islaam 

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:

Part 9:

Part 10:

114- i convert to Islaam after watching this video !

115- 3 French women convert to Islaam

116- 22 Born American who converted to Islaam and went to Hajj

117- American Soldier Converted To Islaam!

118- All are crying after a British man converts to Islaam


120- Caroline - convert from Christianity to Islaam

121- Why I chose to convert to Islaam

122- Islaam new Muslims! in Spain convert to Islaam shahda

123- Mike from USA converted to Islaam

124- Lisa from USA converted to Islaam

125- Media Fooled Islaam Haters - Now Converted to Islaam: 

part 1:

part 2:

part 3:

126- TV Report - Mathias Ex-Strict Catholic Converted To ISLAAM Germany

127- Mexican Woman Converted To ISLAAM

128- Korean Soldiers convert 2 Islaam

129- Korean converts to Islaam

130- Conversion to Islaam

131- a Jewish woman Convert to Islaam

132- Jewish (Joseph Cohen) converted to Islaam Part1:

133- New Convert to Islaam part1:

134- Every day many people convert to Islaam, ALLAH O Akbar

135- Preacher converts to Islaam live shahada in church

136- Church Converted To Mosque

137- Church Converted to a Mosque - Peckham Mosque

138- Church Converted To Mosque

139- Christian Pastor Converted to Islaam

140- Buddhists Converted to Islaam

141- Christian Catholic Nun Converted to Islaam-Terrorist Vs Truth

142- Two Christian Filipinos Convert To ISLAAM ... Live

143- ISLAAM: The Fastest Growing Religion In The World

144- 42 from Chinese convert to Islaam مسلمين جدد

145- الله اكبر يهودي يشهر اسلامه a Jewish man who convert to Islaam

146- NEW VENEZUELAN MUSLIM (... مسلمون جُدد من فنزويلا ( اللهم زد

147- Pierre Vogel a German ex professional Boxer reverts to Islaam

148-قصة ايطالي اعتنق الإسلام an Italian who convert to Islaam 


149-Live Shahada From Stuttgart German With Shiekh Yusuf Estes 


150-اسلام قسيس وهو الأن داعية الي الله Preacher convert to Islaam & became a Muslim leader: 

151- يعتنقون الإسلام German guys who embraced Islaam

152- The Oldest person in the west to accept Islaam so far

153- Christian Germans convert to Islaam - English

154- New Iman Monica Aparicio New Muslim Revert Mexico

155- Sheikh Yusuf Estes talking about his Journey to Islaam

156- Sikh Lady Converted To ISLAAM

157- magalie et olivier chrétiens convertir a l'Islaam en france

158- more than 4000 Germans reverts last year to Islaam

159- a German doctor converts to Islaam, why?

160- American Lady accepts Islaam ... Live by Yusuf Estes

161- Italian German convert to Islaam - English translation

162- a Canadian man revert to Islaam, watch his story

163- 20 Auteralian people telling shehada embraced Islaam

164- Maria became Muslim just by 1 conversation ماريا مسلمة بحوار

165- A girl in Atlanta performs in one of the Islaamic Studies

166- From Catholic to Atheist to Islaam

167- Interview with New Converts

168- Albanian-Turning point for Mirzo to become Practicing Muslim

169- Theology Class was the reason for Aisha to become Muslim

170- Why Muslims are differentiated than others?

171- German gang converted to Islaam

172- Several Swedish Converts To Islaam

173- Converts To ISLAAM the fastest-growing religion

174- Refugees in USA, Amiras Story of Islaam and Dawah 


175- Her adopted son was the reason for her Islaam

176- Dia Richardson - A New Muslim in USA

177- Islaam Story of Katia (New Muslim) – Russian 


178- I am a new Muslim

179- Mexico’s indigenous minority converting to Islaam

180- Embraced Islaam ... in Australia

181- Swiss converts to Islaam

183- Dutch Muslim Revert sisters in Holland The Netherland

184-Napoleon found Islaam

185-Hollywood Super Star Busta Rhymes found ISLAAM

186-Yvonne Ridley Interview about why she embraced Islaam:

187-Moldavian girl converted to Islaam

189- a woman converted into Islaam

190-Abdallah From Hinduism to Islaam

191-Amina: A Muslim Convert in the UK

192-From Darkness to Light(Islaam)

193-A lady From darkness to light

194-How i came to Islaam and moreeeeee

195-Ibraheem revert to Islaam from England

196-Yusef revert to Islaam From England

197-Convert: Dr. Ian Weber from England converts to ISLAAM in Lebanon

198-Turning Muslim in Australia

199-Zionist Jew Convert to Islaam *NEW*

200-Michael Jackson converts or reverts to Islaam after searching Peace for Soul and Mind